26th Ukraine International Travel and Tourism Exhibition

11 - 13 May 2021 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC, pavilion 1

Official announcement from 01.04.2021 on the change in the dates of the exhibition UITT!

Dear Exhibitors, Visitors, Partners!

We would like to inform you that the decisions of the Kyiv City State Administration, namely the protocols of the Standing Commission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and Emergencies of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration) №20 (18.03.2021), №21 (22.03.2021), № 25 (24.03.2021), №29 (01.04.2021) and the decision of the State Commission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and Emergencies protocol №11 from 20.03.2021, adopted on the basis of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №1236 from 09.12.2020 «On the institution of quarantine and the implementation of restrictive anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread in Ukraine of acute respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2" with all changes and additions forbidded all mass events, which led to the impossibility of holding UITT : "UKRAINE - Travel and Tourism" exhibition in the previously announced terms.

With this in mind please be informed that:
  • International travel exhibition UITT "UKRAINE - Travel and Tourism" is postponed and will take place from 11 to 13 May 2021.
We are absolutely certain that the measures taken to slow down the virus spreading will be effective and lives of people will be protected and saved.

After the end of quarantine period the main task of all businesses is to re-launch your standard activities and insure further development. The B2B exhibitions is your key instrument here. Our Trade Show is the place where over three days the specialists from the tourism business meet at one site, present topical tourist offers, and such a valuable opportunity arises to establish new and maintain existing business contacts.

All our forces and resources are aimed now to prepare our exhibitions to be as the most cost-effective platform for your recovery and growth.
With best wishes,
Premier Expo